Norbert Køgging

 Male Vocalist

The Netherlands


Norbert Kögging graduated at the Amsterdam Conservatory in 2009. In 2010 he spent a few months at the Banff Centre in the Canadian Rockies to write new music for his own band which later would become formed. KØGGING’s first album ‘Daydreaming’ (2011) was recorded there.

There are not that many male jazz vocalists in the Netherlands. But Norbert Kögging is one, a vocalist with a light and flexible voice, singing his own work.
With his quartet KØGGING he releases his 2nd album ‘Sketches of Ordinary Life’, with lyrics that give us a glimpse of what concerns him privately and publicly. Vocal jazz that occasionally sounds like indie pop. He himself calls it Singersongwriter Jazz.
On the album are a few melancholic pieces in an easy pace, but also a composition with moore speed such as Yesterdays Horizon. In general, it is open music, in which the lyrics are really important and the vocals stand out nicely. A very special added value is provided by reed player Michael Moore. His beautiful sound on alto saxophone, clarinet and bass clarinet and thoughtful choice of notes lift the music to a higher level.
The other bandmember of KØGGING are pianist Folkert Oosterbeek (Brute!), bassist Tobias Nijboer (aoFuse) and drummer Felix Schlarmann (ao Brute!).
At the end of 2014  ‘Sketches of Ordinary Life’ already was released in Canada, where the band is touring every year and has gained a place in the Canadian jazz scene.