Olivier LGoas




After obtaining a 1st Prize D.Agostini Battery School in Paris in 1987, Olivier Le GOAS starts playing trio with Eric LOHRER, and Laurent CAMUZAT, with whom he won the 2 nd orchestra prize at the Concours de Jazz de la Défense.He then joined the Big Band What’s New Doctor. In 1993, he meets Olivier KER OURIO, and becomes a member of his quartet with which he won the 1st prize at the Defense Competition of Jazz. the same time he plays with the Big Band Light by Laurent CUGNY, Claude TERRANOVA, Benoit DELBECQ, and joined MAHORI quartet formations with David CHEVALLIER, and the Jean-Michel PILC quintet. In 1995, at the Banff Center (CANADA), he meets Kenny WHEELER with whom he will record 14 years later the album “ON THE BODIES OF KLAXONS”. In 2003 Winner of a LAVOISIER Scholarship (French Ministry of Foreign Affairs), He leaves to study New York in the Jazz and Contemporary Music Department Program of New School University (2003), with among others, Charles Tolliver, Peter Zak, Kurt Nuroc, Jeff Ballard, and Eric McPherson. Since Olivier Le GOAS, has performed with:: KENNY WHEELER, John ABERCROMBIE, DREW GRESS, Ralph ALESSI, Ben MONDER, Alex HILLS, Jason LINDER, Tim LEFEVRE, Avishai COHEN (trp), Jacques SCHWARTZ-BART,, Jim BLACK, ANGELO Andrew, Eric DANIEL quartet, Bojan ZULFIKARPASIC, Julien LOURAU, Noel AKCHOTE, Guilaume ORTI, Vincent SEGAL, Dominique DI PIAZZA, Gildas BOCLE, Christophe MONNIOT, Médéric COLLIGNON, Yves ROBERT, Marc DUCRET, Francesco BEARZATTI, Brad TURNER, Gulf Stone String BLANCHARD, Linley MARTHE, Philippe SELLAM, Pierre de BETHMANN, Vincent MASCART, Geoffroy DE MAZURE, David CHEVALLIER, MARC BURONFOSSE, ALBAN DARCHE, Manu CODJIA, Olivier GATTO …

Olivier Le Goas has published six albums under his name:

In 2017 THE GRAVITATIONS SESSIONS PART.2 (unrealized songs from the original session of 2003 / Digital Only) Neuklang 2017
In 2016 RECIPROCITY Neuklang 2016 (4 1/2 Stars DownBeat) –
In 2013 ABSTRACT Rewind – Records / Inouie Distribution) (new realized 21th of september 2018) unanimously acclaimed by critics (Four Star Jazzmagazine / Jazzman) –
In 2010 (new realized 21th of september 2018) Olivier Le Goas “ON THE BODIES OF KLAXONS” with Kenny Wheeler (Rewind – Records / Inouie Distribution). “An endearing record” Jazzmagazine –
In 2009 TRILOG “Seven Ways” (Altrisoni / Anti-Craft), “Le Goas heart joy, swimming from one metric to another in his compositions, alone master of a sensitive rhythm » Journal of AMR / Switzerland –
In 2006 “GRAVITATIONS” Olivier Le Goas Quartet with John Abercrombie (Altrisuoni / Anti – Craft) “An original and pleasant disc” Jazzmag / “In fact Le Goas has a flair for rhythmic demolition »Jazz’n More.

Reciprocity the recording at hand, is also a quartet effort, featuring the marvelous high profile pianist Kevin Hays, joined bassist Phil Donkin and guitarist Nir Felder, along with the leader behind the drum kit. The piano/guitar front line weaves a tight rhythm. There are clean unison lines and an inspired trading of solos. Guitarist Felder crafts a resonant, full-bodied sound; pianist Hays has a looser approach, and the collective effect is a modern jazz/precision chamber/ groove-centric music, reminiscent of—with its own distinctive personality—the Pat Metheny Unity Group, minus the electronics and synths and the orchestrion.

In spite of the chamber approach, Le Goas has a distinctive, full-of-surprises, off-kilter drumming style, one that enhances and punctuates with exclamation points the lubricious flow of this unfailingly engaging music.

Photo (c) Stephan Mennes