Stockholm Voices




Stockholm Voices is a vocal jazz quartet founded in 2012 by Swedish singer, composer and arranger Gunilla Törnfeldt. They follow a long and strong tradition of vocal harmonies the jazz field. Stockholm Voices is not an a cappella group but perform first and foremost with their band.

The debut tour in March of 2014 was a big success with raving reviews, exuberant reception and sold out concerts. They recorded their debut album “Come Rain or Come Shine” in the fall of 2014 in Atlantis Studio (Stockholm) and released it on the independent record labe Do Music Records in February 2015. The music is based on the famous and beloved Swedish album with Monica Zetterlund and Bill Evans Trio; “Waltz For Debby”. All arrangements are for vocal quartet and band, written by Gunilla Törnfeldt and Mikael Skoglund.

They continue their trail of success with extended tours and concerts throughout Sweden.

“At last! A new Swedish jazz vocal group takes the stage and the void after [Swedish renowned vocal group] Gals and Pals is filled. Stockholm Voices are four tightly knitted voices that without audible effort can pull off the art of phrasing and swinging together like a proper jazz band”.
– Folkbladet 2016/11/25

“They sing with great timing, well balanced, nuances and technical elegance. Thelonious Monk’s Round Midnight was one of the evening’s high lights in a magnificent arrangement by Gunilla Törnfeldt.”
– Sundsvalls Tidning 2016/11/22